The art of ceramic in Deruta is one of the oldest and documented allover Umbria.

Historical sources makes deruta pottery dating to the thirteenth century, but some archaeological findings justify the claim that the ceramics of deruta has even more ancient origins.
The elements required for the manufacture of ceramics are the simplest: clay, water and fire. The skill depends on the ability to mix them in due proportions and for the right time.
And here it is that the proximity of deruta in the course of the tiber river provided to the first master craftsmen these essential elements.
The clay deposited by the river was extracted and specially processed with a treatment called "tanning". This treatment, long and laborious, made ​​the clay more plastic and therefore suitable to be crafted on a lathe.
In addition, the silica sand of the river, present in some collection points, was the main component of glazes used to coat the crockery.

The first productions include the "archaic" and "severe" and consist of everyday and domestic objects as pitchers, glasses, breaded, basins, bowls, plates and apothecary jars, very sober in the decorative motifs, often geometric or floral.
The colors initially used by master craftsmen are few and obtained from the surrounding environment: yellow, green and brown. Further to the development of trade, the master were able to use and create new colors such as blue and red.

At the same time, the school deruta has continuously improved processing techniques and decoration. This process find his culmination in 1500, of which century we admire the graphics and stylistic sophistication of deruta majolica
By this time, deruta is distinguished from all the other ceramic production centers for the particular technique of "luster" or "reflection" fruit of high level knowledge.

Today, many valuable artifacts are preserved in the regional museum of ceramics in deruta, founded by historian and writer francesco briganti in 1898. Since then, due to acquisitions of the city hall and thanks to donations from collectors and teachers like piceller, bellucci, donati and family magnini, the museum offers a selection of pieces truly unique and a path of high historical, documentary and artistic.

Artistic Majoliche Nazareno Picchiotti since 1945

The italian post-war miracle offered a significant boost in deruta which had the opportunity to promote his art and pass it on.
In 1945 very few potters resisted but, thanks to the growing appreciation of the majolica expressed by italian and anglo-saxon peoples, many talented young people open their atelier. In this context borne the nazareno picchiotti company.

Our company operates in the field of ceramic art for over 40 years distinguishing in the processing of hand-made models with great skill.
Our products are treated one by one in every aspect and detail.
Inside our laboratory, we realize both the moulds used in the processing of our standard models, but also special moulds developed according customer request.

The decorations follow modern lines, with enamel details and special techniques of third fire, such as application of fine finishes in gold, platinum and silver, either matte or glossy, or with the application of mother of pearl, with its infinite shades.

The catalog shows pieces coming from traditional classics deruta like the famous raffaellesco and the equally well-known technique of "luster" skillfully treated with our artistic sensibility to give chromatic emotions.

For fans of glamor and chic lines, we purpose a collection of original and modern objects as umbrella holders, wedding favours, souvenirs, watches and ornamental animals.

Among our most original and successful products, we can find hand-decorated ceramic panels, composed of multiple tiles of different sizes which, combined together, create patterns, decorations, scenes and famous "botticelli" motifs that lend themselves to decorate and personalize the various environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, or to make tops for kitchens and bathrooms, providing the strength and durability that this use requires.

The route of artistic research and the quality of our realization were rewarded by both italian and foreign private customers who have chosen our shapes and decorations for their homes, either by architects and designers with whom we work to carry out really unique projects that found a link with the masters of our origins in our work of highest artistic craftsmanship.

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